Online casinos are exciting, interesting, relaxing, and just plain fun. The games that fall under the category of Bingo games are easy to play, and require very little in the way of planning and strategy. Having an online playing site like the Online Bingo Zone will allow all of the lovers of this type of casino game the opportunity to play many different styles of games so they are never bored with the same old routine.

Whenever you think of the game of Bingo you naturally picture the way the game is played in the country you are from. Different countries have different rules to their games, and in some countries it is actually illegal to play these types of games.


In America the playing of Bingo for prizes is legal, acceptable, and it is even played by children, church congregations, and other organizations. You will find several links to the American style Bingo and each of those links will take you to a fun and exciting establishment. You will even be given the opportunity to try some of the sites out for free and see how you like the games before you begin to pay to play.


It is actually illegal for the Chinese people to gamble so they have to play at sites that are not established in their home land. The Chinese can however play at some of the sites that are in other countries as listed.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia does not allow internet gambling. There are sites at which someone from Saudi Arabia can go and play games though. Check out our list on the page.

South Africa

The government of South Africa does not allow their citizens to participate in online gambling websites, but there are some sites people from South Africa can go to play these games which you will find listed here.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is like America in the fact that they do allow their citizens to play these games if they choose to. There are many great links to sites that the people from the United Kingdom like to go to and play.

The Online Bingo Zone will offer you the chance to play memory style games, traditional style games of Bingo, Flash Keno games, as well as games of Quick Rotation, and more. You will not be bored or looking for something to do when you are on this website, just head for the Games section to play any of our selection of free flash games. As a matter of fact, there are so many different things to do you may have to come back daily in order to try everything out.